Daniel Assouline And His Pioneering Venture, Upclick Is Clicking With Web Users

be-a-leader.What is the latest buzz in the Canadian e commerce market these days? It is Daniel Assouline and his initiative, Up click. This serial entrepreneur is a formidable combination of varied technological and online marketing information. Upclick is his latest venture. It is a premier payment service and souk for electronic goods. Daniel has invented software to save the web from spam and malware. His mission is to protect computers from viruses and other threats.

Daniel Assouline, the entrepreneur

Spyware attaches itself to software by making false promises like increasing the speed of the internet. However, it is a foe in disguise which intrudes the privacy of the users for its own benefit. Spyware sometimes changes the settings of the computer. However, thanks to people like Daniel who caution users to be aware of spyware and stay away from it. In the past, he has been the CEO of Lavasoft. He has been working on protection for computers since a long time. He is a leader in the IT sector and has taken Canada’s eCommerce to the next level. He helps retailers to take their businesses online and increase profits. Upclick is an amazing online transactions platform which is full of valuable features.

People like Daniel make it very easy for most people to work in the online world. Canada’s digital marketing and e commerce world is gaining a strong foothold in the market with his help. Daniel Assouline and his venture, Upclick has made making online payments a lot simpler. In fact, he is now working tirelessly to create software that will not just block malicious software but also clean the infected systems. He is aware of the needs of the users and has, in the past, helped millions of users to keep spyware away from their computers. The privacy of the users has been kept intact thanks to the efforts put in by Daniel.

Now, the digital merchants do not have to worry about their privacy. They can just focus on selling their products and services. Daniel Assouline and his pioneering initiative, Upclick, have great tools with superb features which are being accepted with open arms in the ecommerce market. The man has completely transformed the way online payments are processed in the market. He keeps himself updated on the latest developments in the ecommerce market and is working tirelessly to make the digital marketing world a better place to do business. Canada is proud to have a farsighted man like him who has been selflessly working to give ecommerce users a wonderful experience.