Daniel Assouline Upclick Co-founder is an Ideal Role Model for Young Entrepreneurs


A few qualities of a good leader are capabilities of leading from the front, setting the right example for the team, and excellent communication skills. Determination, hard work, and all the above qualities have brought Daniel Assouline Upclick co-founder the name and fame that every leader aspires for. He is a source of inspiration and motivation to everyone associated with him. His skills and abilities have won him lots of admirers and followers among his partners and employees.

Excellent Orator and Communicator :

Daniel Assouline Upclick  ex-CEO is a double graduate with a degree in Engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration. He is presently the CEO of Lavasoft and is successfully making the internet a safer place to do business in. One of the biggest capabilities of Daniel is his communication skill with which he is able to convince and persuade his employees to put in that little extra effort in their work that gets the desired results in a faster way.
Optimistic and farsighted
Good leaders always work with confidence and take quick decisions. Daniel Assouline Upclick is a shrewd thinker and takes instant decisions consulting his team workers. He listens to their suggestions and considers the other options available as well. He takes responsibility if the plan does not succeed and shares the credit with his coworkers when they succeed in solving a problem.
Daniel Assouline Montreal based businessman is level-headed. He is a keen listener and an avid learner. He understands that learning something new will give him more opportunities for success. He has tasted success but has not allowed it to go to his head.


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