Daniel Assouline was a Magnanimous and Focused Leader

downloadDaniel Assouline, the former chairman and co-founder of e-commerce solution provider UpClick was a leader known to lead by example. An achievement oriented result with high levels of integrity, Daniel’s forte was taking timely and appropriate decisions in quick time for relevant strategic gains.

Few important leadership qualities that played an important part in helping him achieve so much in such quick time are as following:

Strategically focussed

Modern leaders heading an organization operating in a competitive and complex business environment must never lose sight of the bigger picture. They have to be quick thinkers who must never lose sight or control of the current business situation.

Daniel Assouline was successful because he was a strategically focused leader who never lost sight of the future while thinking about the present.


Magnanimity means giving credit when it is due. Accomplished leaders make sure that any meaningful contribution of any employee is acknowledged and rewarded. This is important as recognising an employee’s achievement is a great motivator which helps them feel good about themselves and draws them closer to the organization’s goals and objectives.

Daniel Assouline, the former chairman of Montreal based UpClick, was a truly generous and magnanimous leader who ensured that the credit for success is spread as widely as possible throughout the company.