For Daniel Assouline – Upclick Reinforced His Leadership Qualities

One of the most common characteristics of super-achievers is that they are committed to their vision – day in and day out.

For Daniel Assouline, Upclick was an objective – a goal meant to transform how online entrepreneurs transact their business.32

And like the vision of a true leader, Upclick did what it was crafted to do. It not only made online payment simple, but also extended the sales reach of Canadian online merchants by allowing over 50 payment modes covering nearly 100 countries.

What more can business persons hope for, when they want to expand their business across borders?

Success does not come easy even to the best of leaders.

“We must sharpen the art of listening”, says Daniel Assouline. “We must listen to learn, and know more of the world around us. This is the only way we can create solutions for our customers”.

For leaders, having great ideas by itself is not enough. They must be able to assemble teams that can bring grand hypotheses to life.  The ability to successfully execute ideas is what separates achievers from just dreamers.

The ability to delegate and communicate, are two characteristics common among all star achievers in the corporate world. Once a leader delegates it means he or she trusts the team – and importantly has identified the strengths of the team members.

If the leader can clearly and succinctly explain to his team what needs to be done, it is an indication the leader can communicate well.

Because of these qualities of Daniel Assouline, Upclick today is the highest converting platform in the industry.


5 thoughts on “For Daniel Assouline – Upclick Reinforced His Leadership Qualities

  1. Assouline is a unique person. His leadership qualities, as enumerated above, will stand in good stead for Canada’s ecommerce growth.

  2. As a leader Assouline accepts responsibility for his team’s performance, good or bad. This is the reason his subordinates trust him and give their best.

  3. For Assouline, his business, his goals and his perspectives are a reflection of himself. He is deeply attached to what he wants to achieve.

  4. The author has hit the nail right on the head. Without the ability to delegate and communicate, no project, however lofty, can take off.

  5. Another quality that Assouline has is commitment. You cannot expect your team to slog and deliver if you cannot lead by example.

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