Daniel Assouline – Creating Leading Edge Tools to Fight Malware

Many PC users presume they have all the tools they need to properly protect their computers against cyber attacks.

But Daniel Assouline knows there are plenty of unknown challenges that come in the way, that complicate defending computers in a comprehensive manner.

Malware, short for malicious software, is an application that disrupts computer operations, and gathers sensitive information, much to the detriment of PC users.

For an explicit explanation, malware is a generic catch-all term that defines any software with intentions to cause harm to computer, server or network, whether it is a virus or spyware.

Computer harm can be wide ranging.

Today computers are exposed to myriad threats that include pilferage of passwords, Trojans, worms, viruses, spyware and many other variations.

With individuals, offices and other government agencies using computers for various tasks, the harm caused by malware can prove to be disastrous if not controlled.

Daniel Assouline, Montreal based entrepreneur and IT specialist has made protecting Canadians from computer threats his mission.
Manager with Motivated EmployeesOver the last couple of decades proliferation of malware has been making significant online news.

Today malware continues to evolve, making   creation of anti- malware solutions tougher than ever before.

According to an IT specialist one out of every 14 programs downloaded by PC users is malicious. This is a scary fact.

“Users must be careful before downloading any unknown and potentially dangerous software”, says Daniel Assouline.

Assouline, who is presently CEO of Lavasoft, is continuing in his focus to create leading edge tools to combat all types of malware. With his commitment, Lavasoft has now grown as a premier company that builds the next generation of Ad-Aware products.

Daniel Assouline is a man of diverse skills.  As a specialist in many fields including ecommerce, online marketing, entrepreneurship, conversion optimization and more, he has given a strong boost to Canadian online initiatives.

Daniel Assouline of Montreal with his exceptional leadership qualities is able to bring out the best from even individuals with commonplace skill sets.

His guidance to Lavasoft team is paying dividends.

Lavasoft, a pioneer in spyware is today a leader in the industry with several antivirus companies using their knowhow to combat cyber threats.