Daniel Assouline, Upclick Cofounder, Has Great Plans For The Company

A chief executive officer’s job is never easy.  That is why good CEOs become awe-inspiring figures for entrepreneurs and those looking for lessons in leadership.  Whether heading a large organization spread over multiple nations, or a small business, CEOs have a few common attributes.  That is, they are committed to steer their businesses toward growth, often surmounting difficult challenges on the path to success.

The challenges of steering a business

These are some of the reasons that CEOs are chosen with great care, whether they’re heading a startup, or a multinational organization. CEOs such as Daniel Assouline, Upclick cofounder, have entrepreneurship as the top priority. They’re always looking to take their organization to greater heights. In the process, they seek to help their employees grow, develop new skills and talents, and help customers find the right services.

Business objectsUpClick contributions

Daniel Assouline, with an upbringing in diverse nations such as France, Zaire, and Mexico, is a Montreal born entrepreneur, famously associated with web sites such as UpClick. Besides his interest in his work and in industry specific news, he is also fond of boating, reading, and good food. He loves to cook, particularly novel dishes, since exploration and discovery are aspects that spill over from work into his personal life as well.

Daniel Assouline, UpClick chairman, is currently enjoying his stint at Lavasoft. His knowledge and expertise, gained from many years in the industry, are pushing him to explore new horizons, and are leaving a mark in the industry.