Daniel Assouline Leads from the Front to Ensure Growth of UpClick

Upward and downward communication plays an important role in any organization. Daniel Assouline, ex-CEO of UpClick, believes in seamless transfer of information and knowledge at all levels of hierarchy. He ensures that every employee is updated, in terms of organizational goals and policies.

Free flow of information leads to better understanding

Daniel is a strong believer of the fact that if the information is spread to the relevant people, then it will lead to cross fertilization of ideas. Many times, the solutions to some of the most complex issues come from down the line.

It is always better to keep employees current on developments in the organizations. Modern employees use modern modes of communications, such as e-mails, text messages, and social media including Facebook and Whatsapp.

It is virtually impossible to hold back information in this age of swift communication. Hence, Daniel Assouline, Montreal-based CEO, leaves no stone unturned to ensure flawless flow of communications.

Contributing to development of e-commerce industry

UpClick is a Montreal-based software organization. It is engaged in providing customized payment processing solutions to e-commerce entrepreneurs. UpClick has been helping e-commerce industry with its state-of-the-art products.

Daniel deserves much of the credit for UpClick’s success. His motivational skills and dedication have been responsible to outstanding productivity levels. Daniel himself is a passionate e-commerce enthusiast.

He believes that the e-commerce is the future of business and encourages his employees to develop user-friendly applications that ensure smooth business operations.

Daniel Assouline is a great human being. He enjoys everything that is good in life. Assouline takes time out from his busy schedule to enjoy boating, reading, and so forth.