Daniel Assouline, Montreal Entrepreneur, Is Like The Sea

Daniel Assouline, Montreal based entrepreneur, has a penchant to solve problems without getting panicked. According to him, there lies an opportunity in each problem, an opportunity to learn something and to move a step ahead. He calmly analyzes the problem and looks into various possibilities to solve it.

More qualities

Problem-solving is just one of the many qualities that Daniel possesses. He also displays strength of character, hard-core moral values, and the “fire” within to do something big in life.

His insatiable ambition and his unfathomable energy help him tread unknown paths and create successes on them.

During the days when Daniel Assouline was UpClick’s CEO, he created a powerful team, which consisted of talented, intelligent, and hard working people. They were ready to face challenges with a positive outlook and a smile. They could work under pressure and complete deadlines no matter what. They showed a throbbing enthusiasm, which was hard to douse.

IntershipEven today, this team exists in UpClick. Daniel Assouline, Montreal businessperson, may not be associated with the company anymore, but his ideologies and style of working still live in the company.

Sea-like nature

Daniel loves the sea. Perhaps, he has derived his qualities from it. He roars in the market, yet is calm within the company. He understands each employee’s problem in depth and helps them sail smoothly in troubled waters. In other words, Daniel has the knack to fish in troubled waters and makes an attempt to instill this quality in his workforce too.

Indeed, words are not enough to describe Daniel Assouline, Montreal entrepreneur. You need to spend time with him to experience his positive aura.