Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Montreal based UpClick.com, is a Highly Trusted leader

Good leaders are invariably aware of the factors that can help or hurt their organization as it moves forward in pursuit of achieving its goals, mission, and objectives. Daniel Assouline is the CEO of Montreal based payment processing company UpClick.com. He is a visionary and knowledgeable leader who knows his organization, employees, and the market well.

Leading is distinctly different from managing. Management is all about getting things done from people through the fear of punishment or the promise of reward. Leadership on the other hand is all about wanting people to follow you. They trust you and have faith that you will leave them better off than they are now.

Good leadership as such is all about trust. People will not listen, much less follow, if they do not trust the leader.

cropped-daniel-a-color1.jpgDaniel Assouline, the CEO of Montreal, Canada based UpClick.com, is a highly trusted leader. A person who is known to ‘walk the talk’ Daniel is highly trusted and respected by both his organization’s clients as well his employees.

A good leader also has to be a picture of calm and confidence to inspire trust in his employees. In a highly uncertain business environment, things may not often work out according to plan. A leader like Daniel Assouline, who is the CEO of Upclick.com, has the experience of handling such situations with poise and confidence.

Leadership is a continuously learning process. A leader like Daniel Assouline , the CEO of Montreal based UpClick.com, understands it well. He is a continuous learner and keeps himself up-to-date about the latest happenings in the business world.