Daniel Assouline, the CEO of Montreal, Canada based UpClick.com is an Excellent Strategist and Motivator

Good leaders have true potential of motivating their employees. Motivated employees are productive employees, which eventually results in productive organizations. Daniel Assouline is an excellent motivator who has this exceptional ability of helping his employees see things in a positive light. This has helped him create an organization clients wish to do business with.

Modern organizations function in a chaotic and fast changing business environment. Companies can only be successful if they are led by a person who is an excellent strategist and a visionary. Leaders need to be highly proactive with an ability to think ahead of time. They should seek to make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen.

A reactive approach has never made successful leaders. They can be good followers but it will be foolish to expect them to provide direction and a clear sense of purpose. Daniel Assouline is a leader with clear cut strategy and the urge and desire to implement these strategies effectively and efficiently.


Modern and extremely knowledgeable workers are increasingly demanding more autonomy and less intervention from their superiors. They want the freedom to decide upon the best way to approach a problem and solve it. A leaner and flatter organization promotes faster communication and quick decision making. Such firms also provide autonomy and higher job satisfaction to their employees.

Daniel Assouline is the chairman and co-founder of Montreal, Canada based payment processing company UpClick. He has reduced hierarchy in his organization. His workers are happy and secure in their feeling that the CEO is always available to solve their personal and professional problems.