Daniel Assouline is a Dynamic Leader

There are no definite answers to the question of what makes a good leader. Some believe that leadership can be taught and learned while others are of the opinion that leaders are born and not made. All experts agree that leaders whether born or made must possess some common characteristics like charisma, foresightedness, empathy, and intelligence. Daniel Assouline, the CEO of UpClick.com, is a strategic thinker who knows how to nurture a modern organization and its employees.

Modern organizations function in a complex, and often chaotic, business environment. Easy availability of information and evolving technologies have changed the thought process of the consumers as well as the employees. Earlier it was believed that leadership resided in a single person. This belief will generate lesser enthusiasm today from leaders like Daniel Assouline.

Leadership today has become a collective process where it has become imperative for the CEO to involve their employees in strategic decision making. Daniel Assouline, the chairman and co-founder of Montreal based UpClick, never shies away from delegating authority. He understands that employees would want to have a say in those decisions that are most likely to affect their lives.


A leader of a modern organization must be accessible to his subordinates. A large number of organizations are favoring an open door policy where any employee can walk into the cabin of the CEO to discuss any issue of strategic importance.

Daniel Assouline has injected dynamism and energy into the organization he heads. His employees respect him since he has provided them with an environment where they know their voices will be heard.