Daniel Assouline Montreal – Creating A Loyal Customer Base For Breakthrough Products

Well designed, market appropriate products generally find it easier to get a foothold in the market, in contrast to products that do not offer this sort of thoughtful designing. However, businesses prefer to market products as well, ensuring that not only does the product find good market over the long term but also hold on to existing customers.

Here are some strategies that Daniel Assouline, montreal based entrepreneur, uses to ensure customer loyalty.


Upclick is more than just a site that helps deliver and receive payments. It offers the complete sales and marketing solutions that small and large businesses need. From innovative shopping carts to security, Upclick offers a one stop solution for diverse customer needs. Daniel Assouline, Montreal resident, has vast experience in many fields, ranging from ecommerce to technology and his support helped build a payment processing solution that affiliates love.

Upclick is more than just a site that helps deliver and receive payments. It offers the complete sales and marketing solutions that small and large businesses need. From innovative shopping carts to security, Upclick offers a one stop solution for diverse customer needs. Daniel Assouline, Montreal resident, has vast experience in many fields, ranging from ecommerce to technology and his support helped build a payment processing solution that affiliates love.

Profit boosting-

For online merchants and affiliates, profitability of the products they use is very important. Consider a regular payment transaction site, which is concerned only with sending and receiving payments. At the most, it helps customers keep tabs on their online payment activities. On that other hand, Upclick offers not just support for most other payment channels, but even takes care of regulatory requirement in many geographies so that payments become easier and more transparent. Affiliates are not just seen as parties with money to transfer but as businesses that need to make money. Therefore, Upclick offers innovative methods to boost financial value of the transactions


For financial transactions, particularly in a global context, transparency is of utmost importance. Upclick offers many features to ensure that transparency is maintained throughout the processes. For affiliates new to the business, these features are an assurance that their interests will be taken care of. Daniel Assouline, Upclick cofounder, understands the need for easy to use, efficient, and reliable payment processing solutions.


Many affiliates are new to the business and may have doubts about how to proceed. To help them overcome roadblocks, Upclick has created an elaborate support system. Technical support is regularly available. Also, automation of sales funnels and other processes ensures that the business can be run almost on autopilot, until the customer becomes more knowledgeable about how the business works. Through this time, upclick offers features such as more conversions, ways to generate more revenues and other useful support systems.

Daniel Assouline Montreal based co founder of Upclick, also notes the vast number of transactions originating outside North America, as proof of success of the Upclick payment processing solution. Customer focused policies, according to him, offer scope for much growth.


Daniel Assouline – Making Innovation The Mainstay of Business

people-meetingExisting technologies are improving constantly, and new technologies are gaining ground every day. In such a situation, a business must keep up with the changes or risk becoming extinct. Understanding this fact, Daniel Assouline developed sound strategies to help keep his ventures profitable and useful.

Planning for innovation
Contrary to popular notions, innovations in business today are not the result of coincidences. Nowadays, businesses are actively hunting for new ideas. Many businesses have allocated funds for innovation. Whether giving awards to innovative minds or rewarding employees for an admirable suggestion, businesses are going all out to attract the right ideas. Daniel Assouline Montreal ensures that innovation remains the focus of his ventures, by searching for new ideas and focusing on ways to do the existing tasks in a better manner.

Team work

Gone are the days when solo inventors would tinker and brood over mechanical structures in their sheds. Today, it takes more than one to carry the innovation process to its logical end. Daniel Assouline worked with many other people to bring forth products that businesses have come to love. Based on capability and areas of interest, work is allocated to team members so that there is a lot of sharing of ideas going on. Daniel Assouline encourages this sort of spirit among his team, brought about through networking and team play.

Looking beyond new products
When one mentions innovation in business, the first thing that comes to mind is a new product. While this is the focus of many of the ventures supported by Daniel Assouline, this is not the only place where a business can show its innovation chops. Today, businesses are looking for new ideas whether in relation to how the business is run, how products and services are developed, or how they are marketed. Businesses are partnering with other stakeholders in novel ways to bring breakthrough solutions to consumers. With Daniel’s support, the Upclick payment processing solution offered new approaches, whether in terms of doing business or security features.

Creating a win-win solution

Novelty in a fiercely competitive market must engage stakeholders to be successful. Daniel Assouline works with a diverse group of people, ensuring that originality is built on the basis of mutual understanding. If everyone stands to gain from a new breakthrough, it helps enlist more cooperation and makes the process smooth. Since Daniel Assouline is dedicated to creating products that benefit the most numbers of people, and his approach to advancement has been open rather than constrained within the confines of existing routines.
By actively seeking improvement, he has ensured that the ventures he is associated with keep moving from strength to strength. In his personal life, his enthusiasm to discover new things has helped him develop business strategies that are modern and effective.

Daniel Assouline And His Pioneering Venture, Upclick Is Clicking With Web Users

be-a-leader.What is the latest buzz in the Canadian e commerce market these days? It is Daniel Assouline and his initiative, Up click. This serial entrepreneur is a formidable combination of varied technological and online marketing information. Upclick is his latest venture. It is a premier payment service and souk for electronic goods. Daniel has invented software to save the web from spam and malware. His mission is to protect computers from viruses and other threats.

Daniel Assouline, the entrepreneur

Spyware attaches itself to software by making false promises like increasing the speed of the internet. However, it is a foe in disguise which intrudes the privacy of the users for its own benefit. Spyware sometimes changes the settings of the computer. However, thanks to people like Daniel who caution users to be aware of spyware and stay away from it. In the past, he has been the CEO of Lavasoft. He has been working on protection for computers since a long time. He is a leader in the IT sector and has taken Canada’s eCommerce to the next level. He helps retailers to take their businesses online and increase profits. Upclick is an amazing online transactions platform which is full of valuable features.

People like Daniel make it very easy for most people to work in the online world. Canada’s digital marketing and e commerce world is gaining a strong foothold in the market with his help. Daniel Assouline and his venture, Upclick has made making online payments a lot simpler. In fact, he is now working tirelessly to create software that will not just block malicious software but also clean the infected systems. He is aware of the needs of the users and has, in the past, helped millions of users to keep spyware away from their computers. The privacy of the users has been kept intact thanks to the efforts put in by Daniel.

Now, the digital merchants do not have to worry about their privacy. They can just focus on selling their products and services. Daniel Assouline and his pioneering initiative, Upclick, have great tools with superb features which are being accepted with open arms in the ecommerce market. The man has completely transformed the way online payments are processed in the market. He keeps himself updated on the latest developments in the ecommerce market and is working tirelessly to make the digital marketing world a better place to do business. Canada is proud to have a farsighted man like him who has been selflessly working to give ecommerce users a wonderful experience.

Daniel Assouline UpClick- Turning Opportunities into Success Stories

suceessTrue leaders love challenges and Daniel Assouline UpClick is no exception to this. He has been able to steer UpClick to lofty heights in spite of adversities.

Transparency and clarity of vision
Assouline ensures that all his communications are clear and transparent without even an iota of ambiguity. He feels that each and every employee must share the same purpose and work collectively to achieve common goals.
It is not surprising that his subordinates go all out to accomplish their assigned projects. They are as passionate as Daniel himself about organizational strategies and objectives. Assouline has the uncanny ability of communicating without leaving any room for doubt. He always ensures that his vision is explicitly communicated to all ranks of employees. Passionate about ecommerce
Daniel Assouline UpClick is an astute businessman and loves to interact with professionals and entrepreneurs in the field of ecommerce to improve his understanding about digital marketing. His passion for ecommerce can be understood by looking at user-friendly payment processing solutions developed by UpClick for the ecommerce industry.
These products are result of Assouline’s unshakable commitment to online merchants and his in-depth understanding of the problems faced by them in realization of payments through online transactions.

Force behind UpClick’s Success
Daniel Assouline Montreal has been able to bring about a paradigm change in the organization that is so very close to his heart. With the development of revolutionizing concepts in higher conversion rates through simpler payment processing, he has made UpClick synonymous with e commerce. His outstanding leadership qualities have been consistently helping UpClick reach new milestones of customer satisfaction and revenue targets.
Leading a digital organization in the face of stiff competition from the big names in IT industry needs a strong mindset and the ability to face new challenges. With continuously evolving digital technology the competition is also getting fiercer with each passing day. Daniel Assouline UpClick  has unmatched business acumen to identify opportunities to exploit new market segments.

Daniel Assouline Upclick Co-founder is an Ideal Role Model for Young Entrepreneurs


A few qualities of a good leader are capabilities of leading from the front, setting the right example for the team, and excellent communication skills. Determination, hard work, and all the above qualities have brought Daniel Assouline Upclick co-founder the name and fame that every leader aspires for. He is a source of inspiration and motivation to everyone associated with him. His skills and abilities have won him lots of admirers and followers among his partners and employees.

Excellent Orator and Communicator :

Daniel Assouline Upclick  ex-CEO is a double graduate with a degree in Engineering and a master’s degree in Business Administration. He is presently the CEO of Lavasoft and is successfully making the internet a safer place to do business in. One of the biggest capabilities of Daniel is his communication skill with which he is able to convince and persuade his employees to put in that little extra effort in their work that gets the desired results in a faster way.
Optimistic and farsighted
Good leaders always work with confidence and take quick decisions. Daniel Assouline Upclick is a shrewd thinker and takes instant decisions consulting his team workers. He listens to their suggestions and considers the other options available as well. He takes responsibility if the plan does not succeed and shares the credit with his coworkers when they succeed in solving a problem.
Daniel Assouline Montreal based businessman is level-headed. He is a keen listener and an avid learner. He understands that learning something new will give him more opportunities for success. He has tasted success but has not allowed it to go to his head.

Daniel Assouline: A Role Model for Aspiring e-CEOs

be-a-leaderDaniel Assouline needs no introduction in the online world. He is a popular CEO. His leadership qualities and team management skills are the talk of the town. He is a role model for aspiring online entrepreneurs. His working style inspires. He creates an aura of confidence and positivity wherever he goes.

Daniel Assouline, Montreal web hero
It is not wrong to call Daniel as the hero of the web world. This is because he exemplifies true CEO-ship. He contributed to setting up of UpClick, an internet solutions company. His endeavors and intelligent ways of dealing with employees led to pushing the company to the peak of success. Today, UpClick is a known name in the web world.

No compromise
Daniel Assouline does not compromise in quality. For him, customers are kings and queens. He strives to keep them happy. If they are happy, your business is in good health. This belief has led Daniel to burn the midnight oil to create a productive and thriving environment in the company.

Daniel Assouline, Montreal CEO, has tasted success in whatever work he started. He co-founded UpClick from scratch. Today, it is one of the leading providers of internet solutions to online merchants. This he could not have achieved alone. According to Daniel, a company becomes successful through combined efforts of the CEO and the workforce. However, it is imperative to have good communication and a motivational bond between the CEO and the workforce.

It is clear that Daniel Assouline has been able to reach the top through its qualities and beliefs. He has marched ahead along with his motivated team. Some folks believe that it is lonely at the top. CEOs like Daniel never feel lonely. This is because such CEOs win the hearts of people. They take people’s admiration, blessings, and goodwill with them at the top. So, they are not alone.

Daniel Assouline was a Magnanimous and Focused Leader

downloadDaniel Assouline, the former chairman and co-founder of e-commerce solution provider UpClick was a leader known to lead by example. An achievement oriented result with high levels of integrity, Daniel’s forte was taking timely and appropriate decisions in quick time for relevant strategic gains.

Few important leadership qualities that played an important part in helping him achieve so much in such quick time are as following:

Strategically focussed

Modern leaders heading an organization operating in a competitive and complex business environment must never lose sight of the bigger picture. They have to be quick thinkers who must never lose sight or control of the current business situation.

Daniel Assouline was successful because he was a strategically focused leader who never lost sight of the future while thinking about the present.


Magnanimity means giving credit when it is due. Accomplished leaders make sure that any meaningful contribution of any employee is acknowledged and rewarded. This is important as recognising an employee’s achievement is a great motivator which helps them feel good about themselves and draws them closer to the organization’s goals and objectives.

Daniel Assouline, the former chairman of Montreal based UpClick, was a truly generous and magnanimous leader who ensured that the credit for success is spread as widely as possible throughout the company.